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Thanks for dropping by to see us at the Frewin, Frewen, Fruin, Fruen Freuin surnames website!

This website is a non commercial venture, set up for the solely for the purposes of helping people with a Freawine or a variation of that surname to track down their ancestors.

If you are a Frewin, Frewen, Fruin, Fruen, Freuin, Frewing or similar seeking help on finding your ancestors, please do drop to see us at the Message Board and let us know what information you are looking for, or just to say hello.

There are two separate search facilities on this website. There is a Name Search facility here which you can use to search the database of individuals that we have uncovered in our researches, currently numbering around 10,200 individuals.

There is a also general website search here which you can use to search the pages of this website, or just the messages on the notice board. It is worth trying both search facilites as they will display different results.

We are also creating an archive of some of many of the web pages out there that refer to one or more of the different surnames. We decided to set up the archive on this site after we noticed that some of the useful web pages we found in searches had later moved or had been removed from the internet entirely, meaning they would be lost forever unless we stored them locally.

These archived pages can be searched using our website search. If we don't have the information you are looking for, it's possible that we may be able to point you to a web page that does.

You are always welcome to make use of the Message board and any other facility on this site.

Lawrence Frewin, September 2014.