Amelia Harriet Frewin

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Posted by Ann Gascoine on 16 February , 2000 at 16:12:10:

In Reply to: Amelia Harriet Frewin posted by Bob Frewen on 16 February , 2000 at 04:14:15:

Thanks for your reply Bob. I am determined to try and sort this out for my mum. She is positive her Gmother was Irish, she talks of relatives of the name Mullin and Kennedy. She says she went on a long trip on a boat (this was about 1912-1914) and when they arrived at the port they were met by a big man with a pony and trap. He picked her gmother up and swung her round in enjoyment of meeting. They took a long time in the pony and trap ( it seemed like a whole day but of course my mum was very young) and came to an old farmhouse. She says an old lady was sitting by a fire range smoking a (she thinks clay pipe) and there were hams hanging from the ceiling. My mum has not wavered from this story for years. She was so disappointed when I showed her her gmother's birth was in St. Pancras. As you say, there were a lot of John Frewin's and it may be difficult to find Amelia Frewin's father. Thanks for the reply, anyway.

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