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Posted by Lawrence Frewin on July 26, 1998 at 09:55:04:

Welcome to the Frewin / Frewen discussion board.

I have set this board up to try and bring together some of the research and information that is out there concerning the Frewen / Frewin variation of surnames.

I have been contacted by numerous members of the Frewin / Frewen surname clans over the past year or so as a result of this website, many of whom had some interesting snippets of information that I felt might get lost or forgotten about if it wasn't published in the public domain. Some of the information I have received would be of great interest to others researching areas that I am not looking at. Sharing this information in a public location seemed to be a good idea in that case.

Please do feel free to leave a message here if you are a Frewin, a Frewen, a Fruin or any of the other variations on this theme. The reason I invite all of you here is that I am fairly convinced that these surnames a common root.

I have several years of research yet to put on this website, spanning records dating back to about 1500AD, mostly from the Oxford (England) area. This research covers all of the various surname variations above, and others too.

Due to the amount of information and the lack of time I have to sort it, I will probably just put a spreadsheet on this website for you to download, then anyone who is interested in its contents can refer to it locally.

Please do leave a message here with any information or anecdotes you have about the various surnames. No matter how small or insignificant the information you have may seem to you, it could be vital to to others in progressing their searches.

Please leave your email address if you can so that others can get back to you when they stumble across this board. Family research is a long drawn out process, let's help each other...

Best regards from London...

Lawrence Frewin

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