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Posted by Melissa Frewen on 06 August , 2000 at 06:36:19:

In Reply to: Clarita Frewen m Moreton Frewen posted by KJ Shaver on 01 July , 2000 at 01:53:34:

I believe where you found the name of "Clarita" was possibly from Anita Leslies book: The Remarkable (or Fabulous) Mr Jerome by Anita Leslie. In the book it is stated that L W Jerome named his boat after his daughter and wife - Clarita and Clarissa (Leonards wife).

Bob is right when he says that Moreton was never knighted. But alot of people thought he was.

Moreton was born May 8 1853 and died Sept 3 1924. Clara was born in 1852 and died in Brede, Sussex, Jan 20 1935.

Moreton and Clara were married in Grace Church New York, June 2 1881.

When Clara became pregnant the first time, she lost the baby. This made things very hard for her. Her next child was born in London in 1883, his name was Hugh Moreton Frewen (my husbands grandfather). At two year intervals, Oswald Moreton and Clare Consuelo were born.

Moreton was a man of many occpations. He was of Brede place, Sussex, and Innishannon, Co. Cork. J.P. cos. Cork and Galway. M.P. for N. E. Cork 1910-11.He was educated Trinity College, Cambridge (B.A.).

The best book to read about Moreton is the one that Bob mentioned as well as Melton Mowbray in which Moreton himself wrote.

I hope this helps you. If you need any more help my email address is

Kind regards
Melissa Frewen

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