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Posted by Lawrence Frewin on 02 December , 2000 at 20:13:14:

In Reply to: More Australian Frewins posted by Christine Calvert (nee Frewin) on January 13, 1999 at 10:54:18:

Hello Christine,

I think the names Frew and Frewin are not related - the early Frews I have seen mentioned in UK documents seem to have resided in quite different areas to early Frewins/Frewens/Fruens and Fruins, and are quite localised to specific areas. I have seen any evidence to suggest there is a link between the names.

I do recall seeing some Frews on the International Geneaological Index at the Public record office at Kew, London.

The IGI is collated by the Church of the Latterday Saints, and copies are available at quite a few locations worldwide, so if you are a Frew reading this - it's worth checking out. Some of the IGI can be found at the LDS website at, but the website definitely doesn't carry all of the records I found at Kew.

Lawrence Frewin

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