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Posted by Loriane Frewing on December 17, 1998 at 05:06:06:

In Reply to: The Frewing surname - Frewing website address. posted by Robert Frewin on December 14, 1998 at 11:35:43:

Thank you Robert for your very informative reply. I do have
a question to start with about your name. Are Bob Frewen and
Robert Frewin the same person or have two different people re-
sponded to me? I will reply as if you are just one person.

From my research I don't believe any Frewing was ever awarded
a coat of arms. If you could read the history with the one
that is on that web site you would have read "The arms described
below were awarded to the Frewen Family of Northiam in Sussex
who are descended from Richard Frewen, Bailiff of Worcester in
1473." Credit is given to the correct source of the arms there
but I agree, it is not helpful if it can't be read. I have not
talked to the owner of the Frewing web site for awhile but we
will have a discussion about this soon.

Do you think that it was Edward Frewen who may have been awarded
that coat of arms? He was knighted in "the bedchamber of the
King" in 1684 and I always thought a coat of arms went along
with Knighthood for some reason. I do believe some people
received coats of arms simply because of their wealth also but
receiving it because of being Knighted is so much more romatic.

I see that you are a direct descendant of John Frewen the Puritan Devine.
I did some research into that family and am delighted to talk
to someone who knows them so well. The thing that caught my
interest about them initially was that they originated in
Worcester and I had found a William Frewing in Hanley Castle,
Worcester as well. This William was married to Eliner and
christened a son William on August 31, 1679. With William
Frewing and a family of Frewens living in the same town in the
1600s I thought there might possibly be a link. We know that
the ending "ing" was a change from some other form of the name
at some other time.

The other Frewen/Frewing name association
item we have seen is John Frewing in Burghfield,
Berkshire in the 1700s who had nine children and
four are listed in the Parish Registry
as Frewens and the other five as Frewings.

The farthest back we have been able to go with definite
information is to James Frewing as I have mentioned
before. I did not say he was from Buckinghamshire, but
rather that he was married there. I think he was John's
child from Berkshire but we haven't the proof yet. We do
see that John Frewing had a son James at the right time to
be ours. With the Frewing name being so rare we think we
might have a connection.

You say there is no Frewing in Ireland but in doing the
family tree I know there are people with Frewing blood in
them in Ireland. We just connected to an O'Tooley, daughter
of a Frewing, in Ireland. This is all such fun!

Back to your family, I see Stephen Frewen and Elizabeth Greene
had a child John in 1637. Did this child really die the same
year? I ask because he would have been just the right age
to have been "our" John. I keep hoping I can get back at least
two more generations. The Frewen history is so interesting
to read. I have read a lot about Brickwall and now am reading
a book on Hanley Castle. The Frewens and a Frewin are mentioned
several times.

I must go for now but I look forward to hearing from you again.

I hope my Internet server does not send back your messages
next time but thank you for alerting Kay that you had replied.

Bye for now,


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