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Posted by Lawrence Frewin on 29 December , 2001 at 00:04:24:

In Reply to: Other Frewens posted by william frewen on 28 December , 2001 at 16:23:39:

Hello WIlliam,

Nice of you to drop in!

You are right - there are still far too many Frewens/Frewins/Fruins etc missing from the database.

This is a good time however to let our regular visitors know that the Freawine database has just been updated with lots more information.

The total number of individuals on the database is now about 7,250, and has details of every Frewen/Frewin/Fruin/Fruen found on Oxfordshire (and some Berkshire) parish records for the period 1500 - 1900 AD (along with many others).

If you are still looking for details of your ancestors please run a new search to check if anything has turned up here

We are still lacking much reliable information on the following however:

1) Irish Frewens 1500 - 1900 AD
2) Australian Frewins and Frewens 1700 - 1900 AD
3) American Frewins/Frewens/Fruins 1600 - 1900 AD

If anyone has details or GED files for relatives from the above areas or dates please contact me at http://www.frewin.com/sender.php. Details of any living individual will be removed for privacy reasons if the information is listed on this website.

Having spent some time looking at the various parish and census records, my feeling is that in the period from 1500 AD - 1900 AD, there have probably been less than 15,000 Frewin/Frewen/Fruin/Fruens IN TOTAL, and the final figure may turn out to be less than 10,000 people (that's less than 40 a year). There are still quite a few to find, but many are now listed in some form or other on the database.

I should also mention that from 2nd January 2002, the 1901 England and Wales census will be made available ONLINE by the Public record Office.

Much valuable information will become available with the publication of this census online. You can find out more about this important event here.

I wish everyone a happy new year!

Lawrence Frewin

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