Moses Frewin of Goring

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Posted by Lawrence Frewin on 16 March , 2002 at 11:00:30:

In Reply to: Moses Frewin of Goring posted by Kathy Hamblin on 16 March , 2002 at 06:53:24:

Hello Kathy,

Goring Parish Records show that the father of the Moses Avery Frewin that you mention who was baptised 15 January 1775 was also a Moses Avery Frewin, so you are almost certainly right that Moses Avery Frewin (senior's) father was Robert Frewin and Sarah Avery.

The actual christening of Moses Avery Frewin (senior) is not recorded in Goring Parish records, perhaps he was baptised elsewhere. We have an approximate birth
date of about 1744 for him based on his marriage to Elizabeth Davies in 1769.

So, if I understand your message correctly, your original assumption was that it was Moses Frewin, son of Edward Frewin and Martha Stockwood, who was baptised 29 August 1759 in Caversham, Berks, that was married to Sarah Freebody/Lewington in 1783 in Reading, Berks.

You have now concluded that it was not that Moses, but another, Moses Avery Frewin (senior) who married Sarah Freebody/Lewington, a remarriage following the death of his first wife Elizabeth Davies in 1780.

His son, Moses Avery Frewin (junior), then married Mary Freebody in 1799.

Is that right?

We have a Moses Frewin married to a Sarah Freebody listed, and a Moses Frewin married to a Sarah Lewington listed (from the IGI). If Sarah Lewington and Sarah Freebody are the same person it would make enormous sense and resolve at least one mystery.

Can you let me know what your source for the marriage of Moses Frewin and Sarah Lewington Freebody is? You have a date listed, but do you have a location for the marriage?

It seems to make sense looking at the dates and locations of the marriage and baptisms that Sarah Lewington and Sarah Freebody are in fact the same person.

We are also in almost complete agreement about James Frewin, Esther Cowdery and their children, but you have some death dates for the children that I have not seen before. Do you have a source for these?

I am also wondering what brought about your change of mind about which Moses Frewin married Sarah Lewington/Freebody? The son of Edward Frewin and Martha Stockwood of Caversham would seem to be a more obvious candidate than Moses Avery Frewin (senior).


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