Moses Frewin of Goring

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Posted by Kathy Hamblin on 19 March , 2002 at 17:10:12:

In Reply to: Moses Frewin of Goring posted by Lawrence Frewin on 16 March , 2002 at 11:00:30:


Thanks for your reply. I'll attempt to answer your questions in order:

The marriage for Sarah Freebody and Moses Frewin is recorded in St Mary's Parish, Reading, Berkshire England, 15 April 1783 (by license). (Family History Library film #008834)

If I have the correct Sarah Lewington, she was christened 2 Dec 1750 at Bisham, Berks, England. (FHC Film #0599890 I believe)

She is the daughter of Robert Lewington (burial recorded in 1761 at Hurley, Berks England) and a Mary (last name unknown) who appears to have been buried at Hurley, Berks England in 1789. (FHL Film # 0088293)

She first married Thomas Freebody in 1772 and upon his death he was "carried away" 3 Feb. 1780 (FHL film #0088341) to Caversham Feb. 4 (FHL Film # 0095223) to be buried.

Sarah then is shown marrying Moses Frewin "of Goring" on 15 April 1783 at St. Mary's Reading, Bershire, England by license. (FHL Film #0088341).

A "Mrs Frewin (late Freebody)" is also referred to in the 1817 Highway tax for the St Mary Parish, Reading. (FHL Film #1040671)

Another reason I believe this is the correct person is because her son, James, married Esther Sarah Cowdry who's mother was a Mary Lewington. Research in the Lewington family has pointed to James and Esther being cousins. The Robert Lewington family had both a Sarah and a Mary.

Death sources for the Cowdry children come mainly from the family records compiled at the turn of the century by James' granddaughter, Rebecca Seward Kennington and her descendants. They kept in contact with the aunts and uncles for quite a while.

Esther Sarah: Born 1812 Caversham, died in the fall of 1885 in Liberty, Bear Lake, Idaho (USA). That's all the details we can find because they were pioneering in a sparcely populated area (just them and the indians) and there was no county organized or death records kept until about 1916. She had married George Seward in 1839. A few years after his death she married Joseph Kimber in 1852 at Newbury, Berks. They emigrated to Utah and he died in 1865 at Tooele, Tooele, Utah. She then married an old family friend from England, (also a widower) William Henry Hancock and they moved with family to Idaho.

James Moses: born 5 Feb 1815 at Caversham, died and is buried at Caversham in 1816.

Ann Frewin: born 20 Oct 1816. Death or Burial: 30 Oct 1836 (Family records). Location unknown to me. (IGI)

Rebecca Frewin: born 25 Aug 1818 christened 23 Sept 1818 at Kingsclere, Hamps, Eng. md George Evans Pinnock. Death unknown to me. (IGI)

Caroline Brunswick Frewin: born 6 Dec. 1820 Kingsclere, Hamps, England, md. John Buckeridge 1844. Died 19 Feb 1898 at Theale, Berks, Eng. (she had a daughter also come to Utah)

George: born 1823. Burial recorded 22 Sept 1823 at Kingsclere; 5 Months old. No parents listed, but address and timing match this family. This is my assumption. (FHL Film # 0973052)

And the last question, what brought about my change of mind over the the more obvious 1859 Moses Frewin, son of Edward and Martha Stockwood Frewin of Caversham. Several factors influenced this.
For three generations the family group sheet of Edward Frewin has seemed the easy answer - such a nice complete family, etc. But it has felt like forcing a square peg in a round hole.

1. There was the obvious age difference of almost 10 years between Sarah and the 1759 Moses Frewin.

2. The statement "of Goring" after his name on the marriage license. For years I tried to assume that he was just working away from his original parish in Caversham. Then I realized that it was an identifier used to specifically identify that Moses from the other 2 or 3 Moses Frewins in the vicinity at the time.

3. Naming Patterns had always troubled me:
A. Why was there never a child named after Moses in the Frewin/Lewington family?
B. Why did his step son name the 2nd grandson after Moses Frewin when none of Moses' own children carried the name?
C. None of the children were named after the Edward & Martha Frewin Family or their extended family. Why?

On the other hand, when I began looking for alternative Moses Frewins in that same time period and tried out Moses Avery Frewin from your web site, I found:

1. Moses Avery Frewin did have a son named after him (that followed the traditional naming patterns).

2. Both he and Sarah Lewington Freebody lost their spouses the same month- Feb 1780.

3. Both were left with infant daughters (who may or may not have lived).

4. His son, Moses Jr. married her daughter, Mary Freebody, in St Mary's Parish 3 April 1799.

5. Naming patterns fit better:
A. Elizabeth: B. 1787 may have been named for his first wife, Elizabeth Davies.
B. James : B. 1788 named for ? More research needs to be done.
C. Robert B. 1790 may be named for both grandfathers. A Robert Frewin was buried the year before in Caversham.
D. George B. 1791 could have been named for his maternal uncle, George Cowdry (Sarah's brother-in-law).
E. Elizabeth B. 1792 indicates that 1787 Elizabeth may have died by this time.
F. Naming patterns also match well between the children of John Frewin and Hannah Nichols/Nicholis (who is believed to be a son to Moses Avery Sr. and his first wife, Elizabeth Davies) and those of half brother, James Frewin and Esther/Hester Cowdry's family. The kids would be half cousins, but obviously were raised closely. Several names repeat.

There's the reasoning in a nut shell. Please give me your slant on the research and point out any flawed reasoning you see.

The fact that there are 3-4 Moses in the general area and time period make me wonder if they weren't named after some common ancestor or some famous person. Any ideas on that one?

Do you feel the core family was always in the Oxford area?

Thanks for your help.

Kathy Hamblin

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