Archbishop Frewen

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Posted by John Frewen-Lord on 10 May , 2002 at 10:24:12:

In Reply to: Archbishop Frewen posted by Bob Rubie on 03 November , 2001 at 09:48:56:


Was just doing some internet searches and came across your enquiry.

There are some well documented links between the Rubies and Frewens/Frewen-Lords. I met (quite by chance, on a Eurostar train from Lille) Edward Rubie, a fellow quantity surveyor, who gave me a chart showing the links. This chart was a slightly more complete version of other similar charts I have in my possession or have seen elsewhere. The original connection came from the marriage of George Crowhurst Rubie to Sarah Elizabeth Lord, probably in the mid 1800s. The parents of Sarah were William Lord and Hannah Cheesman (William's second wife, his first being Sarah Goldfinch), and continuing up this line, were George Lord/Elizabeth Stonham, and then to William Lord and Mary Frewen. This marriage of William and Mary in 1750 begat the whole Frewen/Lord 'dynasty'. Mary was the daughter of Thomas Frewen/Sarah Bishop, and going up this line you get Thomas Frewen/Sarah Stevens, the Rev Thomas Frewen/ Mary Evernden, the Rev John Frewen/Dorothea Scott, and finally John Frewen/Eleanor ???. Thus the Rev John Frewen was the brother of Accepted Frewen, who never married.

I have this all in Family Tree Maker, and can send you either the FTM file or a GEDCOM file.

Best regards

John Frewen-Lord

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