Frewins / Frewens / Fruins / Fruens 1500 - 1930 ad

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Posted by Lawrence Frewin on July 26, 1998 at 21:20:46:

I have posted information concerning the above surnames from the Oxford/Pyrton area on the web today. Please follow the links below to see it:

1500 to 1575ad   1575 to 1600ad   1600 to 1635ad  1635 to 1699ad

1700 to 1730ad  1730 to 1755ad  1755 to 1778ad  1778 to 1806ad

1806 to 1827ad  1827 to 1843ad  1843 to 1868ad  1868 to 1890ad

1890 to 1916ad  1916 to 1930ad


1) Please note that this is not a definitive list of all Frewins/Frewens/Fruins alive at the period given at the top of the pages. The early information (pre 1870) here mostly represents those living in the Oxford - Pyrton areas, the later information (post 1870) represents details of my relations that I have uncovered recently. That still leaves a lot of people unnaccounted for. The actual locations are usually listed for the source of information which gives an idea of where the person was living or died.

2) Although the source of this information is considered very reputable, none of it so far has been double checked by visit to the Church or Registry concerned. This should be done to confirm the accuracy of the information supplied.

3) Some of the earliest records have no information other than a name. This is because the person mentioned is given as a parent of a child on a baptism record for instance. Some of the records here may well be duplicated. Without further background information this is inevitable. I have decided make all of the information I have available rather than draw conclusions about who is related to who.

4) I would very much like to fill in the gaps on the charts, add other Frewin/Frewen/Fruin surnames to the lists to make them more definitive, and start making links between the various members where possible. If you have any information you would like to add, please contact me at the email address below.

5) Whilst I have checked what is here, there may well be corrections needed to the information which I will complete over the next week or so, so please do not take the lists as accurate until I post here to confirm they have all been thoroughly checked against the originals. Any changes will be indicated by a new date at the bottom of each page.


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