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Posted by Lawrence Frewin on 29 September , 2002 at 07:39:23:

: I am seeking information on the family of Richard FREWIN an Elizabeth TANNER who married in 1834.

Hello Chris,

We have quite a bit on the descendants of Richard & Elizabeth here.

I am currently working on transcribing the Oxfordshire part the 1881 census at the moment for the following surnames:

Frewin, Frewen, Fruin, Frewing, Ferwin, Feuen, Fewin, Fewing, Fluen, Fluin, Frawen, Frawin, Frenin, Frevin, Frewn, Frewne, Frewyn, Friuen, Frone, Froon, Frowen, Frowin, Frown, Fruen, Fruinn, Frune, Fuin and Frinn

Middlesex (which includes most of North London from the Thames to the Home Counties) has already been transcribed.

I don't think Richard & Elizabeth have appeared in the 1881 census yet, but they may do so in the next day or two, so retry the database in a few days time to see if any new has turned up.

I have finished the transcription of the 1901 census for the surnames:

Frewin, Frewen, Frewing, Frenin, Frawin, Friuen

All entries on the 1901 census that contain these surnames are now on the person database searchable here

I will be transcribing the remaining Fruin & Fruen variations of the name from the 1901 census later this year.

Lawrence .

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