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Posted by From Bob Frewen on June 01, 1999 at 20:00:36:

A message from Bob Frewen (via Lawrence)

An on-line name search at the CLDS site under "Frewen" also shows the spelling Fruin, Frewin, Frewyn, Fruen.

In this sheet I have detailed the frequency/result of names. These were selected from "family" names known to me or encountered in recent research. For my own research reasons I have concentrated on the Irish individuals. 25 names is usually the max shown, there sometimes are more and it is not possible to get an overall count other than by a manual site search. However, I believe that I have the majority, possibly all, the Irish ones.

The CLDS site states that they have not verified all the information shown. Some of the dates for Andrew Frewen family are a cause for doubt, e.g. marriage and range of children's ages cf Ellen. I would like to do more research on the Co. Wicklow Frewens. Many years ago my father was contacted by an Australian who said his ancestors originated in Arklow, Co. Wicklow. We had never heard of the family there. Could it be that they read "Aherlow" Co. Tipperary as "Arklow", the latter being one of the two big towns in Co. Wicklow? However, the wife of Andrew Frewen is an Ellen Cullen - and Cullen is one of the most frequent surnames in Co. Wicklow. I do not know of a Rathdramman there, only a Rathdrum. Andrew is not a "family" name, Arklow was an important port in the 18c., could he have been a recent arrival? A voirů..

Andrew Frewen
1806, Wicklow.

Andrew Frewen
Married 1833 Rathdramman, Co. Wicklow.
Spouse Ellen Cullen
Film 2034679
However, film 1903973 give date as "about 1838."

Andrew Frewen
B abt. 1836
F. Andrew Frewen
M. Ellen Cullen
Film 2034679

Andrew Frewen,
Married abt. 1873, Wicklow
Spouse: Mary Quinn.
Film 2034679

Annie Frewen
B. 12 June 1865, Dublin 0776
F. Charles Frewen
M. Ellen Scallan.

No Daniel listed in Ireland.

14 entries for Edmond, 4 in Irl.

Edmund Joseph Frewen
B. 27 March 1867, 0747, Tipperary.
F. Edmond Frewen
M. Anne Lonergan
Batch C701313

Edmond Frewin
B. 2 May 1866, 0764, Tipperary
F. Robert J. Frewen
M. Margaret Carew
Batch C701288
(Note change of spelling! The father is Robert Frewen of the Glen of Aherlow; Margaret was the only daughter of Jeremiah Carew, Postmaster Tipperary.)

Edmond Frewen
B. <1802
Married 26 Feb. 1832, Catherine Ryan,
Died >1871
Their son:-
Edmond Frewen,
B <1834, Pallasgrean, Co Limerick.

29 entries for Edward, none in Ireland.

27 entries for Elizabeth, one in Irl.

Elizabeth Theresa Frewen
B 1839
F. Andrew Frewen
M. Ellen Cullen.
Film 1903973

26 entries for Ellen, 3 in Irl.

Ellen Frewen
B abt. 1872, Wicklow.
F. Andrew Frewen
M. Ellen Cullen
Film 203 4679

Ellen Frewen
B 10 Oct. 1869, Bansha, 0656, Co. Tipp.
F John Frewen
M Mary Daly
Batch C701399

Ellen Frewen
B 19 Dec 1869, Tipperary, 0684
F. John Frewen
M. Mary McAuliffe
Batch C701399

No entries for Eames or Earnes,

26 entries for Francis /Frank, one in Irl.

Francis Fruin,
F. Robert Frewen,
M. Ellen Cushion
Batch 8211109, sheet 9.

9 entries for Frederick, none in Irl.

4 entries for Grace, one in Irl.
Grace Frewen,
B 13 June 1866, Bansha Tipperary 0741,
F.Robert Frewen
M. Mary Henebry
Batch C 701288

4 entries for Jeremiah in Ireland

Jeremiah Fruin
Christened 30 Nov. 1814, Tipp., Tipperary
F. Richard Fruin
M. Sara Molony

Jeremiah Fruin,
B 1826, Tipperary.
F Robert Fruin
M. Elen Cushion
Batch 8211109
Sheet 7

Jeremiah Frewin
B 13 May 1864, 0792, Tipperary
F. John Frewin
M. Mary McAuliffe
Batch 701288

Jeremiah Fruen
Christened 24 Oct. 1826 Tipperary
F. Jeremiah Fruen
M. Margaret Dwyer
Batch 7625924
Sheet 33

No entries for Jack

25 entries for James - none in Irl

25 entries for Joanna/Johanna - one in Irl.
Johanna Frewin
B. 30 June 1868 Tipp 0676
F. John Frewin
M. Mary McAuliffe
Batch C701364

27 entries for John, one in Irl.

John Frewen
B. 1851 Wicklow
F. Andrew Frewen
M. Ellen Cullen

26 entries for Joseph - none in Irl.

23 entries for Catherine/Katherine

Catherine Frewen
Marriage 3 March 1813, St. Mary's Cathedral, Limerick.
Spouse: Cornelius Clune
Batch M700561

Catherine Frances Frewen
B. 21 Oct. 1869, Bansha, 0657, Tipp.
F. Robert J. Frewen
M. Margaret Carew

Kate Louisa Frewen
B. 12 June 1864, Annacotty 0431, Limerick.
F. Thomas Frewen
M. Margaret Brown
Batch C701236.

No entries for Leo

No Irl. entries for Martin

25 entries for Margaret Frewen, 2 in Irl.

Margaret Agnes Frewen
B. abt. 1848
F. Andrew Frewen,
M. Ellen Cullen
Film No. 2034679

Margaret Frewen
B. 13 April 1864, Bansha, Tipperary
F. Robert Frewen
M. Mary Henebry
Batch C701288

28 entries for Mary/Maria, two in Irl.

Mary Frewen
B. abt 1834 in Wicklow
F. Andrew Frewen
M. Ellen Cullen

Maria Frewen
B. 12 June 1865, Dublin 0776
F. Charles Frewen
M. Ellen Scallan
Batch 701 257

Mary Frewen,
B. 12 Jan 1877, Cuyaoga, Ohio.
F. Martin Frewen
M. Emma -

No entries for Maurice

4 entries for Michael, 3 in Irl.

Michael Frewen,
B. 25 Sept 1865, Tipp 0669
F. John Frewen
M. Mary McAuliffe
Batch C701269

Michael Frewen
B. abt 1815, Ireland
Film 2034691

Michael Frewen,
Married 1870 Wicklow, Mary Amanda Cullen

No entries for Minnie

No entries for Patrick

3 entries for Paul, none in Irl.

27 entries for Richard - none in Irl.

27 entries for Robert

Robert Frewen,
B. 1832, Pallasgrean, Co. Limerick.
F. Edmond Frewen ==M. Catherine Ryan, on 26 Feb 1832,
Catherine was born 1806, daughter of John Ryan, she died 1871.

Robert Fruin,
B 10 April 1838, Tipperary.
F. Robert Frewen
M. Ellen Cushion
Batch 8211109
Sheet 9

Robert Fruin,
B. 12 Feb 1797, Clonbeg, Co. Tipp.
F. Jeremiah Frewen
M. Mary Coneroy
Batch 821 0631
Sheet 36

No entries for Robin

1 entry for Roger (at Hanley Castle)

25 entries for Sarah, none in Irl.

14 entries for Samuel - none in Irl.

17 entries for Stephen, none in Ireland.

35 entries for Thomas, one for Ireland

Thomas Frewen
B. abt. 1844 Wicklow,
F. Andrew Frewen
M. Ellen Cullen
Film No. 2034679

No entries for Timothy

27 entries for William, one for Irl.

William Frewin
B 16 April 1865 0798 Tipperary
F. Edmond Frewin
M. Anne Lonergan
Batch C701 258

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