Henry and Elizabeth Frewin

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Posted by Lawrence Frewin on 06 October , 2002 at 01:06:38:

In Reply to: Henry and Elizabeth Frewin posted by Jean Chung on 05 October , 2002 at 20:43:41:

> According to you database Albert was in Aldenham St in 1881 and
> then Havelock Street in 1901.

I have just checked both again just to be sure, and that's right.

> My information about Albert is "live". Albert's
> full name is Albert Victor Frewin.
> He had 11 children two of which were showing on the
> 1901 census (Cecilia and Elizabeth (known as Betty).

Live is good!

> The database shows Harry as being married to Elizabeth and having
> three children, Albert, Ada and Arthur. That is for the 1881 census.
> Is he not around for the 1901 census?

Not at the moment, no. I have a couple of days left of transcriptions to do
for the 1881 census, but all of southern England and the Midlands are done,
and he hasn't appeared yet.

> Henry (my greatgrandfather) was married to Elizabeth and in 1901
> had five children: Albert, Alfred, Florence, William, and Frederick.
> My belief is that Henry's wife, Elizabeth was a Stevens.

That firmly rules out Henry and Harry being the same person I think.

The 1881 census definitely shows Harry with children called Ada and
Arthur as well as an Albert.

It was a pretty close run thing though. Two men, born within one mile
and one year of each other, both marrying Elizabeths who were born in the
same year, both moving to Pancras and having a child called Albert in the
same year. If they aren't related they certainly should be!

> You mention a namechange, do you mean by deed poll?

Sorry, "Namechange" is an internal cross referencing memo for me to indicate
when someone may fit into other lines or families. This often happens because
the recorder (census taker etc) has misspelt the persons surname, hence namechange.

I can't remove these cross references from the online version of the database,
just ignore them.

> Do you have a 1901 address for Harry and Elizabeth
> (and possibly Arthur or a younger sibling)? I'm guessing
> Albert and Ada would be married and not living at home.

I didn't find Harry in 1901.

> Do you have an 1881 address for Henry/Elizabeth and Albert?
> The other siblings weren't born until after 1881.

I haven't found Henry in 1881 yet (hence the renewed interest
earlier that they might be the same person)

> I'm really thinking that Henry and Harry are either brothers or cousins.
> It seems that year ago close relatives names their children after each other.

That's certainly true. The sticking point is Henry though, because we have a
lot of stuff for Harry when he was young. The Newnham parish record does show
him baptised Harry, so if you think about it, if they were the same person
this would be a case of Harry in 1881 calling himself Henry in 1901 - quite
the reverse of what I was considering earlier.

> I've ordered a couple of certificates from the GRO and am expecting to
> receive them this week. Can't remember if Henry and Elizabeth's marraige
> certificate was one of them. Having said that, I'm pretty sure I ordered my
> grandfather's birth certificate so I will be able to verify a couple of
> names and will advise you when I receive them.

That sounds interesting. Please do let me know what you find.

> I'm guessing you are living in England, what part?
> I was born in the University College Hospital in Euston Road, St. Pancras.

I am about three miles south of that in Clapham South.


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