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Posted by Lawrence Frewin on 07 October , 2002 at 17:13:57:

In Reply to: Clarita Frewen m Moreton Frewen posted by Rod on 06 October , 2002 at 21:27:57:

: As there seems to be a lot of interest in
> my mothers family, perhaps someone out there
> could tie in the exact point at which the name
> spelling "Frewin" became a branch of the family.
> I'd like to hear from someone that knows more
> about it. Moreton is my Greatgrandfather, the
> previous posting from my sister Ros.

Hello Rod,

Thanks for dropping by.

We still only have brief excerpts of the lineage of the Frewen's from Northiam, and I haven't been able to piece the fragments we have together so far.

If you want to include any of your ancestors from the period 1200 - 1900 AD on the website database, or to update any existing entries, please let me know.

You have posed a very interesting question though about how and when the various different spellings of the surname came into being.

The main variants of the surname that I have looked at; Frewin, Frewen, Fruin and Fruen, ALL have ancestors stretching back to the early 16th century and beyond - the period when most parish records were started.

Moreover, the number of people with those four variations of the surname at that time would suggest that if there was a divergence, it was at a very early point (i.e. long before the 16th century).

It's quite possible that for all four of these surnames, there may be root individuals who are not actually related at all.

The above may also apply to Frowen's, who seem to be mostly Gloucestershire based, but whose line seems to keep extending backwards the more I research. Other variations such as Frewing may also be older than they appear, but we haven't uncovered the records to confirm that yet.

There seem to be fairly distinct lines for all of the four main surnames, often based around particular areas:

For Frewen's, there is Sussex, Worcestershire, and later, Ireland
For Frewin's, there is the South Oxfordshire / North Berkshire border and London
For Fruin's there is Central Oxfordshire, Middlesex and Central London
For Fruen's there is Wiltshire, Hampshire, Worcestershire and London.

All of the four surnames have individuals appearing in one or more the areas prior to 1550.

I should also mention that the further back in time you go, the more you see variations of the surname that are no longer in use: Frewyn, Frowinus, Fruine, and of course Freawine.

It's not beyond the bounds of possibility that NONE of us are using the original spelling of our surnames. Now there's a thought.


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