Henry and Elizabeth Frewin

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Posted by Lawrence Frewin on 07 October , 2002 at 21:29:35:

In Reply to: Henry and Elizabeth Frewin posted by Jean Chung on 07 October , 2002 at 19:54:03:

Hello Jean,

> First of all can I ask you about the
> baptism for "Harry".
> (1) Did he have a middle name?

The transcription has just Harry, but see my answer to your next question

> (2) Is there any chance that it could have
> read "Henry"?

It's quite possible. The entry for Harry I have referred to is from an *LDS transcription* of
the 1881 census, NOT an image of the page itself.

It is quite possible that the census page shows Henry which the LDS transcriber has read wrongly.

> 1. It occurs to me that if Henry and Harry are one
> and the same, then since my Henry's second child
> wasn't born until after 1881 he wouldn't show in
> the census. As well, because Albert, Ada and
> Arthur were born prior to 1881, there's always
> the chance they they would have left home prior
> to the 1901 census. There's also the possbility
> that Ada and Arthur might have passed away young.
> They were only 1 and 3 in the 1881 census and
> children who passed away weren't mentioned back
> then. As well, there's a 20 years span between
> those censuses and the occupation for Harry/Henry
> could have changed in 20 years too.

Yes, I think your last point about the change of occupations is perhaps the most difficult
to reconcile though.

I would be surprised if there had been no work for a plumber in the biggest house building
period London has ever seen, sufficient for a person to change trades completely.

I can't imagine either that the income would have been better for cab drivers than plumbers.
They are both quite specialised trades, and the changeover, even today, would be very unusual.

I do have a case of Frewin calling himself Harry though:

Arthur Henry Frewin,
Born 1869 in Maidenhead, Berks.
Married Emma Hunter, 11 April 1898.
Signs the marriage record "Harry".
Source: Saint Mary, Henley Parish Records

There is some evidence to suggest that Arthur Henry's father, William
Henry Frewin, may have also called himself Harry too.

I admit that the evidence for a linkage between Harry and Henry is ragged
around the edges.

Fortunately though, this takes place in a period when there should be enough
evidence around to be able to nail it one way or the other.

My money is on them being the same person, but I ALWAYS lose bets, so that means
nothing really.



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