Henry and Elizabeth Frewin

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Posted by Jean Chung on 08 October , 2002 at 21:29:40:

In Reply to: Henry and Elizabeth Frewin posted by Lawrence Frewin on 08 October , 2002 at 07:21:34:

Hello Lawrence,

The 1891 Census reads as follows:

10 Bridgewater Street, St. Pancras

Henry Frewin - Head - 39 Painters Labourer
Elizabeth Wife - (36 or 37) there was a line through it
Albert Son - 15 -Midland Railway Van(helper)/Carman
Ada Daug - 13 - Cigarmaker
Arthur Son - 11 - Scholar
Alfred Son - 8 - Scholar
William Son - 1

Your 1881 Harry and my 1901 Henry are the same person. It looks like he was a cab driver when he was younger, changed to a painter's/ bricklayer's labourer in the housing boom and when he got older went back to being a cab driver (probably because the manual work got too much at an older age). I don't know what happend to Ada or Arthur yet but I do know what happened to the others.

Question for you. Do you have any documentation regarding Henry's marriage to Elizabeth or any birth information where her name shows up? I'm pretty sure it's Stevens. If you have, then I won't send off for the birth certificate for my grandfather. Thanks.


: Hmmm, it's a bit early in the morning, but from what I can see, this points rather strongly to Harry being Henry doesn't it?

I'm glad you pointed out that Henry was a bricklayers labourer and not a plumber because it removes my worries about the change of occupation.

I CAN see a bricklayers labourer (an unskilled and back-breaking job) becoming a cab driver, but the transition from plumber to cab driver would have been much harder to contemplate.

I'm sure that there are many plumbers in London today who would consider becoming a cab driver a step down in the world (and vice verse of course...)

If you haven't already checked by the way, Harry's dad is James Frewin, a labourer and later Porter, who married Caroline Blackall.

The Newnham Parish record shows Harry as being baptised with that name, so if Harry was a nickname for Henry, then it was one that was used from very early on. I can't imagine someone born Harry using "Henry" as a nickname though, it doesn't really work that way round does it?


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