Henry and Elizabeth Frewin

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Posted by Jean Chung on 10 October , 2002 at 17:57:25:

In Reply to: Henry and Elizabeth Frewin posted by Lawrence Frewin on 09 October , 2002 at 05:33:09:

Hello Lawrence,

I'm having a couple of hectic days. I'll provide that information for you hopefully by the weekend.


: : Hello Lawrence,

> The 1891 Census reads as follows:

> 10 Bridgewater Street, St. Pancras

> Henry Frewin - Head - 39 Painters Labourer
> Elizabeth Wife - (36 or 37) there was a
>line through it
> Albert Son - 15 -Midland Railway Van
> (helper)/Carman
> Ada Daug - 13 - Cigarmaker
> Arthur Son - 11 - Scholar
> Alfred Son - 8 - Scholar
> William Son - 1

> Your 1881 Harry and my 1901 Henry are the same
> person. It looks like he was a cab driver when he
> was younger, changed to a painter's/ bricklayer's
> labourer in the housing boom and when he got older went > back to being a cab driver (probably because the manual > work got too much at an older age). I don't know what
> happend to Ada or Arthur yet but I do know what
> happened to the others.

Does that mean I finally win a bet in life?? Break out the Glenmorangie!

I think you said earlier that there were 11 children for Albert - can you fill me in with what happens for the next generation down from Henry/Harry as you understand it?

> Question for you. Do you have any documentation
> regarding Henry's marriage to Elizabeth or any birth
> information where her name shows up? I'm pretty sure
> it's Stevens. If you have, then I won't send off for
> the birth certificate for my grandfather. Thanks.

No, the only sources I have for both of these families (or this family of course) is the 1881 census and the 1901 census's.

I did run a search on Freebmd for Henry though.

Freebmd seemed to suggest that the only Henry marrying an Elizabeth in Middx was to an Elizabeth Stevens, but you can't call it evidence.

A couple of important things have come from this though:

1) We now know that Newnham in Oxon and Wallingford or Crowmarsh Gifford in Berks are virtually interchangeable.

2) There seems to be a tradition of Frewins calling themselves Harry as a nickname. This may be a more general Victorian thing, but I haven't heard of it before.

There are 25 separate entries for Harry's on our database, all within the period 1842 - 1900, but not one is a proven baptism of a Harold so far.

I will take a look at all of them again later to see if they are possibly similar cases of nicknames and perhaps add a note to the database where this is a possibility.

It does make me wonder if there is a link between the Henry/Harry above and the Arthur Henry Frewin who signed himself Harry that I mentioned yesterday too. We don't have any sign of a link yet, but the father of Albert Henry was from Henley.

It's been an interesting and worthwhile exercise though (and welcome to the family 10th cousin removed?!?)


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