Eliza Frewin (married 1870)

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Posted by Grant Edwards on July 09, 1999 at 22:08:04:

My name is Grant Edwards and I live in Epping, Essex.

I've been researching the family's history and discovered that my Great Grandmother (mother' father's mother) was Eliza Frewin.

At the time of her marriage at Hackney Parish Church, London, on February 28, 1870 she was "under age" (exact age not given on the marriage certificate).

At that time she was living in London Road, Hackney, though presumably not with her parents, as no Frewins were living in that road at the time of the 1871 census. Was she possibly "in service"?

She married Thomas Goodger, a commercial clerk and had at least 4 children, of whom my grandfather, Sydney Thomas Goodger, was one. Others were Percy, Maud and Ethel.

Though Thomas died in 1886, Eliza was certainly still alive on April 25 1917, when she gave my uncle a Bible on his 11th birthday. She may have married again, as my searches of the death records do not reveal any likely Eliza Goodger whose age would match.

From Eliza Frewin's marriage certificate I know that her father was William Frewin, a gardener. I have no idea where he lived or any further details about him.

I hope this information may be of some use to you. I'd be interested to hear any further details of Frewins that you may come across.

Unfortunately, in searching for Eliza's father I know only that I'm looking for a William Frewin, who was a gardener. It is certainly not out of the question that Eliza came from Oxfordshire originally. The time when she married coincided with the agricultural depression in England and the drift from the country to the cities in order to find work.

From Eliza Frewin's age I should have expected William Frewin to have been born between 1830 and 1850. There are a couple of William Frewins in the web site tables who might fit the bill, but establishing the link may be difficult.

A few more details below to show where I fit into the picture:

Of Eliza Frewin's four children, Percy Goodger died of TB at the age of 28.

To the best of my knowledge he never married. I know little about Maud and Ethel. Sydney Thomas married Georgiana Belinda Hunt (b. Aldham, Essex
19.11.1875) at Hackney Register Office on April 27 1895.

In those days the choice of a register office was unusual, but this was because he was an Anglican and she was then a member of the Bretheren.

He became a shellac and indigo merchant at 9 Mincing Lane in the City and was also an active temperance campaigner in the East End, where he was assistant to Frederick Charrington, the famous heir to the Charrington brewery fortune who refused his inheritance and set up a mission to the poor, especially alcoholics, in the Mile End area.

At one time Sydney Thomas Goodger was also a director of Clapton Orient Football Club. His family moved to Highams Park, near Chingford, in about 1911. My mother Ruth was one of Sydney Thomas Goodger's daughters.

The only son to reach adulthood and carry on the family name was the late Sydney Hunt Goodger, whose son Derek Goodger, a music teacher and long-standing conductor of the Southampton Choral Society, lives at 19 Langdown Lawn Close, Hythe, Southampton. Derek has three daughters, all married, so the Goodger line descending from Eliza Frewin will eventually die out.

Just a correction to the note above.

I said that I'd have expected William Frewin to have been born between 1830 and 1850. Actually, my arithmetic wasn't too good. Eliza Frewin would have been born no later than 1854 (assuming she married at 16), so her father William Frewin must have been born before 1837, and most likely several years before that.

Grant Edwards


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