Richard Frewin, grandfather of Henry/Harry

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Posted by Jean Chung on 08 November , 2002 at 03:25:07:

In Reply to: Richard Frewin, grandfather of Henry/Harry posted by Richard Frewin on 31 October , 2002 at 20:46:03:

Hi Lawrence,

Interesting stuff re Richard!

Well, finally, it's arrived! William Henry Frewin was born on Dec 7, 1889 to Elizabeth Frewin (formerly STEVENS). Father is given as, Harry Frewin. Harry is Henry/Henry is Harry.

Not sure why it took me so long to remember but I have another uncle Harry (at least that's what we've always called him). His true name is Henry.

Seems to me that ggrandmother called ggrandfather Harry and so did his parents, but again, that was common practice. Anyhow main thing is I've always believed my ggrandmother's name was Stevens, and now I can confirm it.

I saw an entry on a message board somewhere about Richard Frewin and Nuneham Courtnay. When I tried to find it again,I came across another website - not sure if you've seen it or not:

This gentleman, Peter Lowe, has some of our Frewins, however he is showing them as being born in Oxfordshire. Not sure where his information is from. Have you seen this site previously or been in touch with him?

All the best for now.


: Hi Jean

I got back this evening to find an email in my inbox from Bucks Family History Society.

I asked to run a search for Frewins in Bucks last night - guess what turned up?

Chalfont St.Giles St Giles

5 Oct 1801

FREWIN Richard X, bach otp Banns
WORLEY Hannah X, spin otp
Wit: William NEWMAN, William CLARK

Well, howdydoodee.

I spent the day at the PRO, found a whole mass of stuff on Richard the soldier, so much that it will probably need thirty or more hours of attention to check it all.

The PRO have every single Pay and Muster roll for Richard's regiment from before he joined to after he was discharged, and very revealing it is too. It seems he wasn't the only Frewin in that regiment either....

Once I have it organised I will post it here.

I still don't know whether he is a relative or not, but the material is absolutely fascinating, and well worth spending time on.


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