Richard Frewin, grandfather of Henry/Harry

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Posted by Jean Chung on 08 November , 2002 at 15:54:07:

In Reply to: Richard Frewin, grandfather of Henry/Harry posted by Lawrence Frewin on 08 November , 2002 at 11:24:01:

Hi Lawrence,

FYI, my other uncle Harry (Henry) is not a Frewin! I seem to recall, as well, that the Tudor Henrys were known to their family as Harry. I think it's more an English tradition (at least up until the early 1900s). My uncle Harry was born in 1916. I haven't heard of any present day Henrys being called Harry (unless Prince Harry is actually Henry) which come to think of it, I think he is.


: Hi Jean,

> Interesting stuff re Richard!

Yes. A photocopy of the actual parish record for Richard's marriage to Hannah Worley turned up yesterday, and it is, *without any shadow of doubt*, Richard Frewin, and NOT Richard Trewin.

I suspect that Pallot's Marriage Index made the original mistake with the surname, and that the LDS may have used Pallot's as a souce for their IGI database, hence the ongoing confusion.

I tried to follow this up yesterday by running a scan of Chalfont St Giles in the 1841 census (remember that Richard is said to be "of this parish" at marriage).

There are no Frewin's (or variants) in Chalfont St Giles in 1841. (OK, it was 40 years after the marriage, but you might expect some traces of family to remain..)

The ARE lots of Worley's in Chalfont St Giles though (Hannah's maiden name).

I have to admit to being slightly concerned about this new marriage record.

The date of Richard's marriage to Hannah Worley was 1801.

That would normally mean a birth date for the married couple of between 1775 - 1782. It would also mean Hannah Worley (if it is our Hannah) had her last son, James, at about 40 years of age or older, which would have been very unusual in those days.

If Richard's birth was in the 1775 -1782 range, it really throws a large spanner into the works as regards possible contenders for our Richard Frewin (although it would not exclude the Richard Frewin who was a soldier from Henley, he was born in 1783).

I am waiting for a response from Bucks FHS to see what they have on their database for births and deaths before doing too much more.

I suspect that our Richard's residence in Chalfont St Giles may have been a brief one, but nothing to back it up so far except a lack of evidence to the contrary...

I have another possible line of attack to find out more about our Richard though.

I remembered the other day the the microfiche version of the IGI is littered with references to various Frewin's being "related to Arthur Frewin", including many Frewin's we now know are related to us.

The IGI references never actually state HOW Arthur Frewin is or was related to these other Frewin's, but there are 24 such references in total.

The Arthur Frewin in this instance is, I think, Arthur Frewin who emigrated to Salt Lake City with his father Alfred Frewin who was one of the earliest LDS members in the 1830's.

The references in the microfiche version are possibly taken from the papers he would have submitted to become a member of the church. I can't imagine how else they would have ended up on the IGI, it doesn't normally include hearsay evidence unless it is from a member as far as I know.

I have asked the LDS to copy me the documents that Arthur would have submitted to the church if they still have them.

If we can link Arthur Frewin's line to ours it may be immediately apparent who and where our Richard comes from.

That's the theory anyhow. I await further disappointment with some considerable expectation...

As usual, the finding of one piece of the jigsaw solves almost nothing, it just leads to another 20 questions...

> Well, finally, it's arrived! William Henry Frewin was
> born on Dec 7, 1889 to Elizabeth Frewin (formerly
> STEVENS). Father is given as, Harry Frewin. Harry is
> Henry/Henry is Harry.

It's nice to have that definitley confirmed. Do you have a marriage date and place for Harry/Henry & Elizabeth yet?

>Not sure why it took me so long to remember but I have >another uncle Harry (at least that's what we've always >called him). His true name is Henry.

It's a family tradition then...

> I saw an entry on a message board somewhere about
>Richard Frewin and Nuneham Courtnay. When I tried to
>find it again,I came across another website - not sure if you've seen it or not:
> This gentleman, Peter Lowe, has some of our Frewins, however he is
>showing them as being born in Oxfordshire. Not sure where his information
>is from. Have you seen this site previously or been in touch with him?

Yes, I have been in touch with Peter Lowe, he is related to James Frewin & Caroline Blackall, descendants of our mysterious Richard Frewin.



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