Richard Frewin, grandfather of Henry/Harry

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Posted by Lawrence Frewin on 03 December , 2002 at 07:15:57:

In Reply to: Richard Frewin, grandfather of Henry/Harry posted by Jean Chung on 03 December , 2002 at 06:41:03:

: Hi Lawrence,

Interesting coincidence with the names I must say. I guess it's possible. I'll have a closer look at the dates. I wonder if you could advise me on something. I'm trying to locate where my grandfather, William Henry Frewin was buried. He died in Fulham. Do you know of a cemetery over that way that I could contact? Thanks.


Hi Jean,

I would think that the place to start would be Brompton Cemetery (sometimes called West Brompton Cemetery), adjacent to Chelsea Football Ground which you can see here:

It's the biggest cemetery for miles, and has many thousands of graves. It is one of the largest Victorian cemeteries in London if I recall, and still accepts burials. I attended the burial of a friend there only about a year ago. There is also Fulham Cemetery, slightly to the west in the map just given.

I am not sure who is in charge of these, it might be the Royal Parks Dept or perhaps one of the Parks Dept's for Hammersmith and Fulham Council or Kensington and Chelsea Council, but even if none of these are in charge all of them will be able to tell you who is.

See also

There are some local churches in that area with small graveyards too, you might want to try a search of the local parish he died in to see what Churches are there and which had a graveyard.

Good luck,


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