Newnham Murren, Oxfordshire

These pictures of Newnham Murren were taken in mid December 2002.

Newnham Murren, or what remains of it, is to be found just east of Wallingford, Oxfordshire, and south of Crowmarsh Gifford.

The road leading to Newnham Farm, Newnham Murren, Oxfordshire

The road that runs down to Newnham Farm from Portway, the main road from Crowmarsh Gifford (at the bottom of the map).

In the distance is Newnham Farm, Newnham Murren Church and a couple of other houses.

The entrance to Newnham Farm off Portway

At the entrance to the road leading to Newnham Farm lies this very attractive timber framed cottage and various other farm buildings

Newnham Farmhouse with Newnham Murren Church in the background

Newnham Farm (farmhouse), with the Church of Newnham Murren in the background

Newnham Farm Cottage

Newnham Farm Cottage, adjacent to the farmhouse but probably much older. The barns appear to be 17th-18th century.

Newnham Murren Church, Oxon

Newnham Murren Church.

At first appearance the church appears to be in very poor shape, however the tarpaulin is simply covering
ongoing roof repairs. The Church is now being renovated inside and out by the Churches Conservation Trust.

Inside, the church is very small, with seating for only about 50 people. There is no permanent electricity supply and
the only form of heating is portable gas fires.

The church is now only used for about four services a year, but has a very peaceful atmosphere inside.

Newnham Murren Church Graveyard

Newnham Murren Church Graveyard.

A very quiet and peaceful place to rest with no major roads for about half a mile, and a stones throw from the river Thames.

The Newnham Murren Church graveyard is well tended. Burials continue to this day, mostly for people from Crowmarsh
Gifford as the graveyard for that church is now closed.

There are countless Frewin's and Fruin's buried in this graveyard. No gravestones were found with Frewin on
on them, but there are some Fruin gravestones*.

It was apparently quite common for people to be buried with wooden crosses in earlier times, and the pre-Victorian
headstones that do remain are mostly illegible through age.

Wreath laid for Frewin's

A wreath was laid in the Church graveyard at Newnham Murren to commemorate all Frewin's that are laid to rest there.

Wreath laid for Frewin's

The note reads:

To all Frewin's resting here.

Thank you.

* On 13th November 2005, Denise Derrick wrote:

".. My grandfather Sidney George Fruin who died in 1985 .. grave stone plays centre stage on your photograph of the grave yard, the other is his brother Samuel Fruin who also has a headstone... There are several of their sisters buried there also although their graves have their married names."

** Update 4th September 2011: There are some more recent pictures of Newnham Murren church (including interior shots) here

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