Goring, Oxfordshire

These pictures of Goring were taken in mid December 2002.

Weir on River Thames at Goring, Oxon

The weir on the River Thames at Goring, Oxfordshire.

Goring is a very beautiful town on the river Thames in Oxfordshire. It has some wonderful historic buildings and
breathtaking views along the river.

Waterfront, Goring, Oxon

A quiet haven for boats on the river Thames at Goring.

Church at Goring, Oxon

The Church is in the very centre of the town of Goring, a stones throw from the River Thames.

Goring Church and Graveyard, Oxon

A view of Goring church and graveyard.

House at Goring, Oxon

This stunning house lies opposite the Church in the centre of Goring. Possibly the vicarage, or former vicarage perhaps.

House at Goring, Oxon

Another beautiful timber framed house, not far from the Church in Goring

Pub, Crowmarsh Gifford, Oxon

The Miller of Mansfield Pub and Hotel at the bottom of the High Street in Goring.

Cottages in Crowmarsh Gifford, Oxon

The old Mill House at Goring, complete with ghostly apparition.

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