Mongewell, Oxfordshire

These pictures of Mongewell were taken in mid December 2002.

Church at Mongewell, Oxon

The church at Mongewell (pronounced Munjwell), Oxfordshire.

Mongewell church is very difficult to find - you have to walk through the private grounds of Carmel College to get to it.

The church is in very poor condition with no roof and just the end two walls remaining intact, but it is set in a quite
beautiful location on a small peninsula on the river Thames, next to its own small lake.

Church at Mongewell, Oxon

You can see the ruined nature of this once fine Gothic church more clearly in this photograph.

The deterioration of the church appears to have gone past the point of no return, but its setting makes a
visit well worthwhile .

Millhouse at Mongewell, Oxon

There isn't much left of old Mongewell, it was never a very large village, but this is one of the better examples
of what remains - the old Millhouse, in need of some repair.

House at Mongewell, Oxon

Echoes of old Mongewell in this house perhaps, where a new extension has been blended onto a much older property

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