Ipsden, Oxfordshire

These pictures of Ipsden were taken in mid December 2002.

Church at Ipsden, Oxon

The church at Ipsden, Oxfordshire.

Set in an elevated position amongst rolling hills, Ipsden church really stands out in the beautiful landscape.

A well proportioned flintstone building with Gothic additions, the church has a light and refreshing atmosphere.

Church at Ipsden, Oxon

The graveyard to the rear of Ipsden Church. It is well tended and still in use.

Church at Ipsden, Oxon

The inside of Ipsden church.

A warm and roomy atmosphere, the church is still in regular use. The interior layout and design is typical
of many of the churches in the south Oxfordshire area.

Houses at Ipsden, Oxon

A wonderful collection of early 17th century timber framed buildings situated next to Ipsden church - the spire
of which is just visible above the roofline.

House at Ipsden, Oxon

A superb pair of thatched cottages in Ipsden. Just don't ask the price!

Barns at Ipsden, Oxon

Echoes of medieval England in this wonderful collection of old barns around a central courtyard in Ipsden.

Storehouse at Ipsden, Oxon

A very unusual small timber framed building on stilts in Ipsden.

This building has presumably always been a storehouse due to the lack of windows.

It is currently used to store fertilizer, but may have originally been a grain store perhaps, lifted off the ground
to keep the grain dry.

The mushroom shaped stilts would have helped keep mice out, and the door even seems to have a catflap.

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