South Stoke and North Stoke, Oxfordshire

These pictures of South Stoke and North Stoke were taken in mid December 2002.

South Stoke

Church at South Stoke, Oxon

The church at South Stoke, Oxfordshire.

Set above the level of the road through South Stoke, the church oversees the goings on of this charming small village.

House at South Stoke, Oxon

Set in the heart of the village of South Stoke, this dream home complete with thatched barn and surrounded
by orchards is a wonderful addition to the local landscape.

Barn at South Stoke, Oxon

The thatched barn in South Stoke deserves its own photograph!.

House at South Stoke, Oxon

Another superb example of an original timber framed building, this one in South Stoke.

House at South Stoke, Oxon

And last but not least, the leaning tower of South Stoke.

The extension to the main house looks as though it is ready to fall into the road at any moment.

North Stoke

North Stoke church, Oxon

The Church at North Stoke.

Set back well away from the road, this lovely little church has a tranquil air to it.

North Stoke Village, Oxon

The quintessential English village of North Stoke.

I decided not to take any more photographs of North Stoke after this one. You would only want to sell your house
and move there if you saw more of it than this.

Some things are best left undiscovered....

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