Shrburn and Stoke Row, Oxfordshire

These pictures of Shirburn and Stoke Row were taken in mid December 2002.

Church at Shirburn, Oxon

The Church at Shirburn.

Looking rather sad and neglected, Shirburn church is hidden away up a small track leading away from the entrance to
Shirburn Castle.

Shirburn Castle, Oxon

The rather grand entrance to Shirburn Castle.

Shirburn Castle, Oxon

* Update 27th August 2003.

It seems that the above photo's are not of actual castle itself, but of the castle estate offices. See this message for more details.

There is considerably more to Shirburn Castle than can be seen in these photo's.

If you are thinking of visiting Shirburn Castle, you need to make a prior appointment to gain access to the castle grounds.

Stoke Row

The church at Stoke Row, Oxon

The church at Stoke Row.

An odd assortment of houses surrounds the church, but nothing of particular note.

Shirburn and Stoke Row aren't connected at all, we have put them together here for space reasons only.

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