Villages of South Oxfordshire

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Posted by Lawrence Frewin on 03 March , 2003 at 22:38:56:

In Reply to: Villages of South Oxfordshire posted by Jean Chung on 09 January , 2003 at 06:26:16:

: Hello Lawrence,

: I'm afraid I've been a bit down lately (too many brick walls). Will hopefully get back into it shortly - just needed a little rest.

Same here! Been very busy, in and out of the country, impossible to do much at all at the moment.

: By the way, did you get to meet with the elderly Frewin couple in Newnham?

The Frewin I met at Newnham was actually a descendant of a Fruin family (but not with a Fruin surname), he was part of the Toot Baldon Fruin clan. We had an interesting chat, but not much of use derived from it as far as we are concerned.

Whilst I was at Newnham Murren church a genuine Fruin turned up to lay flowers at the grave of his mother who was buried there though. There are apparently lots of Fruin's buried at Newnham as well as the Frewin's we know about.

As the church at Crowmarsh Gifford is now closed for burials, the burials for that parish now take place at Newnham.

I didn't actually learn anything new on the day about Frewin's. I already knew that most Frewin's had left the area before 1900, mostly for London, so I wasn't too surprised.

Sadly, the other lead I had for extending our Frewin family tree upwards has now fizzled out.

If you remember, I had ordered some film from the LDS church last October relating to their member Albert Frewin, who, according to their records, was somehow related to our early Frewin's.

Five months later the film has still not appeared, and worse, the local LDS church is closing next month for a year for renovations. I haven't been able to find out why the film is not available either, I am not even sure if they have the film or not. That avenue of exploration seems to have now closed unless one of us gets a chance to rummage around their archives in Salt Lake City.

At the moment then I don't have any prospective leads for the top of our tree. I will leave it for a while and attack it again when I can think of a new way round the brick wall.

Sad, but not the end of the world!


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