Mary Fruin married to James Bourke

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Posted by Bob Frewen on 26 May , 2003 at 09:12:19:

In Reply to: Mary Fruin married to James Bourke posted by Mary Lou Burke on 03 May , 2003 at 04:59:25:

Julia is an uncommon Frewen name. I have some info that fits, but not much on the Burke connection.
The Tipperary Burkes are descended from the Norman, William de Burgo, who also gave his name to the Barony of Clanwilliam, which covers that corner of Co. Tipp. where the Frewens settled.
I believe that Julia and Mary are the daughters of Robert Fruin who was born about 1796 - 98 in Clonbeg, Co.Tipperary. On 13 April 1825 Robert married Ellen Cushion, and emigrated with surviving (possibly 9) children about 1850. It is possible that this Robert is a brother of my great great great grandfather, Jeremiah Frewen, born 1797.

Mary was born in 1830 in Tipp. and died 1900, I have a note that her husband James Burke/Bourke was born before 1826, location unknown.

Julia Theresa Fruin was born in 1842 and I have a note that her husband Michael Godfrey Bourke was born June 24, 1833 in Tipperary, died Centropolis, Kansas in 1898. They married in Bloomington, Illinois in November 1862.

I did not know that Michael and James were brothers.
Tipperary Heritage Unit is probably your best bet for a search, I suggest you ask them to start with records for the Glen of Aherlow area, probably at Galbally Church using Michael Godfrey’s DoB. Hopefully using siblings Michael and James they should be able to identify the parents.
Bob Frewen

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