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Posted by Frances Fruean Moore on 27 May , 2003 at 04:19:48:

First of all I would like to thank Lawrence Freawine for his help and support regarding the information he so kindly forwarded to assist with our Fruean Family Reunion in Samoa.

The Reunion was a big success and just over 1,000 members came from all parts of the world - some from Dubai, from Sweden, Rome, USA, Australia, NZ, the Pacific and Hawaii.

The highlight of the 5-day Reunion was the launching of the Fruean Genealogy Book. It is a comprehensive 800-page history book with old and new photos of family members. The opening began with a Thanksgiving Mass celebrated by two Fruean priests, Rev. Fr Spartz Silva based in Honolulu, Hawaii and Rev. Fr Anthony Mataia, based in Rome.

The family also visited the village of Vaiana, Gagaifo, Lefaga and family of Maryann (Meleane) Su'apaia, who married Herr Charles Fruean Zimmermann. The village hosted the kava ceremony followed by speeches, dancing and an exchange of gifts between the two groups. The Frueans gave Sam$5,000 to the village and Sam$5,000 to the family and the family in return presented the Frueans with fine mats, an offer of three chiefly titles and food. The happy day ended with a sumptuous lunch and a swim in the beautiful white sandy beaches of Lefaga at the same spot where the film "Return to Paradise" was filmed.

The Fruean Family resolved to hold another Reunion in Apia, Samoa in September 2005 for 2 days only after the Teuila Festival. Dates to be confirmed at a later date by the Fruean Reunion Committee.

The writer wishes to extend a very sincere thanks and appreciation to Lawrence Frewin and the Freawine Website for all the assistance given during our search for information on the FRUEAN surname. Thank and May God bless you all. Soifua.

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