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Posted by Lawrence Frewin on 04 July , 2003 at 09:17:10:

In Reply to: A Leicester Frewin posted by George Frewin on 03 July , 2003 at 20:03:34:

Hello George,

Thanks for your post. There's quite a lot for me to follow up on, but you have some interesting stuff by the look of it.

As regards your last point about the two Henley Frewin families being related; given that there only seem to be these two large Frewin families in that area at the time I think you you have to ask yourself what the chance is of them NOT being related?

I have long assumed that there was common ancestry there, but it will take some proving by the look of it.

Thanks for your work though. I will follow this up when I get some time after my holidays..



: Hi Lawrence,

Following several visits to Henley and the COS centre in Oxford and the new WWW.1837ONLINE.COM site I believe I now have managed to establish (at least the direct line) the family tree so here goes:

1. My Great grandfather was William Frewin the journeyman plumber born in Henley 28 November 1853 to single parent Elizabeth Frewin at West Hill Henley. I have a copy of his birth certificate.

There was only one other William Frewin born in this area around that time (+/- 1 year checked via www.1837online) and his parents were Isaac and Frances Frewin from Pyrton.

I believe Elizabeth was the daughter of James Frewin (known as Eve Elizabeth in the 1841 census) as there is a William Frewin of 7 years identified in the 1861 census and is listed as being James grandson. James also lived in West Street/West Hill in Henley.

William was a widower when he married Rosa Peckham with his first marriage being to Frances who had a daughter Frances born in Lambeth. This is documented in the 1881 census. However I cannot find any trace of this first marriage or of the birth of Frances or of any deaths of any France Frewins between 1881 upto the date of his second marriage.

2. Now with James Frewin of Henley who had 2 marriages being my GGG Grandfather and from examing census records and parish records and of course your website, I believe this James was the son of Thomas and Sarah Fruin (Smith) and was born 5 july 1797 in Henley. I believe his brother Richard Frewin born 8-Aug-1809 who married Caroline Ledger was a witness at his second marriage.
James and Richard lived in the same street just a few doors down.
Brother George born 2 Oct 1800 married Elizabeth Warner in 1832 and he lived in Rotherfield Greys.
Brother Bennet Frewin born 7 May 1806 who married Mary Anne Bryant (Briant) died 10 Sep 1832. They had a son Thomas Frewin who is (if its the same Thomas) listed in the 1841 census aged 9 as staying with his grandparents James and Martha Briant.
The remaining brothers I am still trying to trace.
Interestingly enough I believe James, Richard and George all died around the same time.

Richard Frewin died 8 Jan 1869
George Frewin died 10 Jan 1870
James Frewin died 7 May 1870

3. I have a copy of Thomas and Sarah death certificates, Thomas died 13 Dec 1847 (registered 5th January 1848) and Sarah died about 3 weeks later.
You may have a different Thomas Frewin listed on your website for this death.

After searching Parish Registers for Oxfordshire/Berkshire for all the possible candidate parents for Thomas Frewin/Fruin/Frewen for period 1760 to 1770 the only match I have found to date is a Thomas Frewen baptised 25 April 1770 St Mary's Henley, parents were Richard and Sarah (Goodey) Frewen.

Are there any other avenues that I can take to verify this or is it just calculated guesswork based on probabilities and dates.

As a side note I get the impression from what I have seen that there were two separate distinct families of Frewins living in Henley from 1800 onwards, those that lived in West Street/Hill and those that lived in Gravel Hill. These streets actually parallel to each other and can't help wondering if there is a link between these sets of Frewins



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