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Posted by Lawrence Frewin on 05 September , 2003 at 08:16:40:

In Reply to: Frewins - Fulham, London, UK posted by Simon Frewin on 04 September , 2003 at 15:14:39:

: My great great grandparents lived in Fulham, London, England, from the early 1900's. I think my great great grandfather's name was Disraeli Frewin; after Benjamin Disraeli. He had 2 sons and 1 daughter; William Frewin, John Albert Frewin and Winnifred Frewin.
My great grandfather was John Albert Frewin and my mum, Julia Frewin, is his granddaughter. She and I still live in Fulham. Does anyone have any information about the history of my family in Fulham?

Hello Simon,

We do have details of a quite lot of Frewin's from Fulham.

Please check the database at:

Try typing in Fulham (but remember that it was part of Middlesex in the 1900's, and was often referred to as Kensington)

We don't seem to have anything on a Disraeli Frewin, and I can't immediately see any of the other family members you mention, but it may simply be because slightly different variations of their names were used in records etc.

Incidentally, the surname Frewing is also strongly associated with Fulham, you may want to check it too as it was often confused with Frewin and other variants of the surname.

Do let me know of you have any luck in your searches or if you have any amendments to the database.

Lawrence Frewin

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