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Posted by Wendy Frewin on 27 October , 2003 at 16:09:59:

My name is Wendy Louise Frewin. Born April 21, 1964 in Hamilton, ON Canada
My Fathers name is Brian Fredrick Frewin. Born April 2, 1937 in Hamilton ON Canada
Grandfather - Frederick William Frewin Born May 15, 1912
Great Grandfather - John Frewin Born August 30, 1877 in Queen Sharlottes Hospital, Middlesex Count sub-district of St. Mary, Paddington, London England. Died June 19, 1962 Sunnybrook hospital in Toronto, ON. He Married Hannah Lily Buckley November 15, 1905 at Grace Anlican Church, Point St. Charles Montreal, Quebec. John Frewin had 4 sons - Samuel Ralph Frewin, John Edward Frewin, Frederick William (my grandfather) and Robert Buckley Frewin. John Frewins' parents were John Frewin and Louisa Bassam. They had 4 children Arthur Frewin, John Frewin (my great grandfather) Rose Henrietta and Annie Louise. I know that Rose and Annie were twins.
The History of the Name Frewin as told to me is Racial origin - Welsh (English). The name Frewin has its origin in early British History when one of the Euopean Kings(William of Orange possibly) tried to conquer England. Although he chased the English all the way into the hills of Wales he was never able to conquer them. These people called themselves Free-uns (or Free-ones) and this was changed in time to Freewin and then to its present form Frewin. As told to Robert Buckley Frewin by his Father John Frewin.
I have a letter from the Knight of Heraldry. Speicalists in Family Name histories and heraldry. It is written to Mr. Frewin. It says the family name Frewin, is represented by a unique and beautiful Coat of Arms, created many hundreds of years ago, when knights wore armour, and required idientidication on the field of battle. The ancient name Frewin is one of the oldest English surnames, and was recorded in the Domesday Book as Frewinus, have estates in the counties of Devon, Suffolk, Essex, and Sussex, in the year 1086. Later William Frewin held estates in Sussex in 1273, and there were estates held in Oxford and Somerset. The name was limited to the south of England, there being only rare mention of the name north. they flourished for the next two or three centuries, and were one of the first to settle in North America. The family name coat of Arms for the name is ermine with four blue bars and a lion at the top. The Crest is half lion holding in the paws a caltrap. The motto is "Mutare non est meum". The Coat of Arms is autthenticated by reference to Burke's General Armory, perhaps one of the foremost authorities on heraldry today.

If you have any more inforamtion for me please let me know.

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