Frewins in Tasmania

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Posted by Jack Hutcheon on September 29, 1999 at 07:15:07:

Frewins(Frewen) in Tasmania, Australia

Richard Frewin was the third child of James Frewin and Mary Beckford, who were married at Hurley, Berkshire, on 2.3.1796, and Richard was christened at Hurley, Berkshire 20.11.1800, and had sisters Ann christened 1796, Sarah christened 1798 and brother Thomas christened 1802, there may have been others. Richard was convicted on 3.7.1826 in the Berkshire assises of grand larceny and after first spending some months in the hulk York at Portsmouth was transported for 7 years to VDL in the ship "Layton", departing Portsmouth on 17.6.1827 and arrived in Hobart, Van Diemanís Land on 3.10.1827. Transportation records record him as a farm labourer, ploughman, thatcher and basket maker, aged 27 in
1827, from Hurley, near Maidenhead.

Sometime after obtaining his freedom, by 1843 Richard became an overseer of convicts at the Brown's River probation station and later an assistant superintendant of coal mines on the Tasman Peninsular and later worked as a Government clerk in Hobart. It is most probable that the name on the convict records Frewin is correct as there are a number of Frewin families in Berkshire and adjacent counties in the same period, however in some later Tasmanian records the name is spelt Frewen.

While at the Brown's River probation station Richard started living with Eliza Connolly she was living with Richard Frewin by 1842, however no marriage was recorded, but there were three children to this union, Jane 1843, William 1844 and Anthony 1845. After Richardís death in 1857, daughter Jane married Samual Stennard in 1861 and about the same time, Eliza and her two sons William and Anthony moved to the Victorian goldfields near Ballarat in Victoria, where the name Frewen still exists but William later moved to Melbourne where he worked as a shoemaker. William married an Irish immigrant
from Enniskillen, Mary Elizabeth Robinson in Melbourne in 1866 and they had a number of children, some died at an early age, however the family returned to Hobart in about 1890, where William had a bootmakers shop in Murray Street. The three remaining children, Jane married Benjamin Hutcheon, these were my grandparents, Prudentia married William Hutcheon and Thomas married Winifred ? who had no male children, thus the name Frewin no longer remains in Tasmania.

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