MacGregor connection

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Posted by brea MacGregor on 27 November , 2003 at 20:11:28:

In Reply to: MacGregor connection posted by Coleen Fruin on 20 February , 2003 at 04:03:42:

: I'm wondering if some of you Fruin's out there can help me. Throughout the generations of my family, a story has been passed on regarding the origin of our name. The clan MacGregor fought a battle between the Colquhouns at Glenfruin in 1603. Following the outcome of that battle the name "MacGregor" was banished. Therefore, some of them took on the last name Fruin, hence where the battle was fought. At that time, some of the Fruins fled to England and some to South Africa. My line of Fruins came from the area of Oxfordshire, I believe.

Unfortunately, in all of the literature I've read, I can't seem to find the name Fruin listed as a sept of the clan MacGregor.

Can any of you confirm that your ancestors have passed on this same story to you? I believe it to be true, however can't find the confirmation that we were once MacGregors.

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