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Posted by Theresa Loomis on 03 December , 2003 at 20:14:41:

In Reply to: Missouri Fruins posted by Frances Moore on 21 November , 2003 at 22:26:04:

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I am a New York Fruin relative,I recently found out that My 3rd Great-Grandfather and Grandmother moved to Missouri when a lady emailed me with a Dade County ,Missouri census from 1870 and 1880 in the Center and North Townships.They were Joseph and Amelia Cornelia Baldwin Fruin and their children Ella J.,Emma,Frank and John.Apparently Charles Baldwin was a relative of Amelia Cornelia Baldwin Fruin because in 1880 John Fruin is living with Charles Baldwin and Margaret and he is listed as a nephew.Joseph and his wife also had children who stayed here in New York;Their names were James Agustus Fruin known as "Gus"(my 2nd Great-Grandfather),Cornelia Fruin,Elizabeth (Libbie) Fruin,Eunice Fruin .Here in NEw York we couldnt find a trace of Emma Rosalie Fruin,Francis James FRuin (Frank),John Fruin or Ella J. Fruin.I would love to know who your family had records of contacting in New York and where abouts they were.I would also love to know if we have a connection here as I have been looking for Fruin's in Missouri only for a few weeks and would love to solve the mystery of our missing family members.Joseph Fruin was born 6 April 1816 if this helps in any way. I also have more family history . I hope to hear from you soon.

Dear Theresa. I'm interested in locating relatives of Charles Fruean who we believe was born in Boston, Massachussetts and travelled as a whaler and trader through the Pacific. He stayed in Western Samoa permanently and married a Samoan lady about 1842. They had 7 children. Out of these 7 siblings over 10,000 descendants were born. The writer wrote a genealogy book about these 7 siblings and their descendants but we still have no real proof or background information on the original settler, Charles Fruean. As it costs money to travel and search for such information in the USA, may I solicit any help you could grasp from any of your contacts. Thank you for any help you can supply. May God bless you and your family. Regards. Frances Fruean-Moore

Frances. I have no proof of any of my Fruin's going to or coming from Mass. though I will keep you in mind. Most of the info. I have gathered as been through family and internet findings. I agree it is costly to travel and not being in the US must limit your abilities to gather info from Court houses and locals that may have been from MASS. All I can tell you is Lawerence has been some help on here to me and maybe you could check online records in MASS., I havent gathered any info from MASS. so I am not sure where to tell you to start.have you tried the genweb for Mass.It maybe that there are others out there also looking for your family. Sorry if I wasnt much help to you.Take care and God bless you also. Theresa Loomis

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