Freuns in 1804

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Posted by Lawrence Frewin on 26 December , 2003 at 08:00:26:

In Reply to: Freuns in 1804 posted by Richard Brickwood on 25 December , 2003 at 21:12:40:

:: I live in c1550 timber framed house in Hertfordshire. Carved on one beam is < Mau V . Freun $&M 1804 >

::We THINK that this could be read as < S&M Fruen May 5th 1804 >.

::We have pretty good records regarding who live in the house back to 1700 and no Fruen is amongst them. Have any of the Fruen historians got any bright ideas? RIB

Hello Richard,

I have had a look at our database which includes Fruen's, but I can't see anything immediately that looks like it may be connected to your carving.

In the research I have conducted I have found just one person with the surname Freun, Mary Martha Freun born in 1810 in London, but her surname is a mispelling, her parents being Fruin's.

There are plenty of Fruens on our database, but none with a connection to Hertfordshire. In fact there have been very few Frewin's, Frewen's or Fruin's with connections to Hertfordshire.

I am interested to know though where exactly the carving is in your house? Is it visible in the house, or is it on a roof timber for example? Could it be a tradesman's mark, made by a carpenter perhaps?

You could try checking the 1841 census for your house as a possible route of research. You might find your house was once rented by a Fruen family. You could also have a look at the local parish records if you can get access to them. It is possible you might find a birth, death or marriage record for a local Fruen family that we haven't picked up.

I would be very interested to have a look at your carving though. Do you have a photograph of it that you can email me? If so, I will attach it to your message and someone may come along that recognises it.

Lawrence Frewin

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