Edward Thomas Fruin/Frewin

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Posted by Andi Kirk on 03 January , 2004 at 21:53:07:

In Reply to: Edward Thomas Fruin/Frewin posted by Lawrence Frewin on 02 January , 2004 at 21:01:12:

Thanks Lawrence,
I did a bit on my genealogy about 10 years ago as a student, and then having worked fulltime since have had very little time to do anything more.
However, I do know that my great grandfather was in the City of London police from 1894 - 1919. I even have his police records, including a copy of his handwritten application. Therefore, I know that he was born in Turville. I made the broad assumption, which I'm not sure how to confirm, that the Edward born in Turville in 1975 is the same as the policeman in 1901.
That was where I got the parental details from. I also know that Edward's father's name was James (from his marriage certificate), so that further confirmed what I will currently call my suspicion. The reason that I attributed my new knowledge to your website is that I had found the entries you cited, and came to my suspicion. Any suggestions on how I can follow up on whether the two Edwards are the same, given I live in New Zealand?
Thanks for the message

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