I have that crest!

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Posted by Alex Frew on 08 February , 2004 at 02:56:33:

In Reply to: I can go back as far as posted by Wendy Frewin on 27 October , 2003 at 16:09:59:

My name is Alex Frew, I was interested in my family crest so my father gave me a picture of what it looks like and it is the exact same description as yours. I have been wondering what "mutare non est meum" means. I have searched on the internet for a while now and have found no answer. I came across your site and was intrigued by the possibility that are names are two of one kind or have changed somewhere along the lines. My father told me our crest was from scotland because that is where the "Frew" name is from. If you know what the phrase means it would mean a lot if you could inform me of it. Thanks
Alex Frew.

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