Shirburn Castle

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Posted by Mark Dee on 20 April , 2004 at 21:54:47:

In Reply to: Shirburn Castle posted by Jackie Gray on 28 August , 2003 at 01:13:11:

: I was really suprised that you answered my e mail about Shirburn Castle and also actually pleased that you did !
For some reason after all these year's I wanted to see how the 8th Earl and Countess were doing , I had no clue that he had passed away and was really suprised and also dissapointed to read that the present Earl is being asked to vacate the Castle .
I am now living in the U.S.A and obviously do not hear about alot of things going on back home .
I do have a really nice photograph of the Castle but due to a recent move on my part I have no clue as to its whereabouts , the moment I come across it I will most certainly scan it and forward it on to you . Hopefully I will not keep you waiting too long .
My Kind regards to you Lawrence

Hi jacki

I am tracing the Parker family tree, as I am a decendant of the vicount parker 2nd son of the 6th earl of maccelsfield. I have recently read the court decision given in relation to the dispute and its a shame that the current earl has to vacate the premises and subsequently auction off the library of which has been in the castle for some 300 years. I read that you might have a photo of the castle and if you have found it, would like very much like a copy. Just send me details. If you know anything else about the castles history and its inhabitance it would be appreciated. Cheers Mark

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