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Posted by Wendy Frewin on 26 April , 2004 at 19:30:21:

In Reply to: More on John Frewin posted by fae kerr on 18 March , 2004 at 16:52:39:

: : I have a book that was given to me by my Grand Father Fredrick Frewin. It shows whom was born, married and their children. I will try my best to explain it.
John Frewin (died 1886/1887) married Louisa Bassan (died 1887). They had four children.
1. Arthur (no date) married Sarah (no date). They had 7 daughters, 1 boy. I only know three names Millie, Daisy, Eva. I do know that Arthur Frewin was a fireman for the City of London, England Battersea Station. Arthur's daughter Eva was an Actress. I have no further information.
2. John (born August 30/1877, died June 19/1962) married Lizzie Alice Trotter (born May 2/1880, died August 15/1904). There children were Ernest Arthur (born April 30 in Cote St. Paul Montreal PQ, died no date). Ernest married Jennifer(Jennie) Maud Cain (born September 2/1907). They had no children. John Re-Married Hannah Lily Buckley (born June 19/1882, died June 26/1963). They had 4 children. SEE BELOW
3. Rose Henrietta (born November 23/1867, died June 20/1947) married Daniel Moyles Brown (born October 16/1854, died December 31/1948). They had three children. Ivy Pretoria, Louisa Elizabeth and Frederick Daniel.
4. Annie Louise (born November 23/1867) married Ralph Hunt(no data). They had 2 children, Winston and Ruth. Annie went to live in Derby line, Vermont, USA. Wiston lived in Morgan, Vermont as of January 1983.

2. John Frewin born Aug 1877 in Queen Charlottes Hospital, Middlesex County, Sub-Districk of St Mary, Paddington, London, England. He died June 19, 1962 Sunnybrook Hospital, Toronto, ON, Canada. He Married Hannah Lily Buckley November 15, 1905 at Grace Anglican Church, Point St. Charles, Montreal, PQ Canada. Hannah born June 19, 1882 in Hassels Buildings, St. Alybridge, Chester Country, Sub-District of Staly, Lancashire, England. She died June 26, 1963 at Henderson Hospital, Hamilton, ON Canada. They had 4 children.

2a.Samuel Ralph (born September 13, 1906 in Veroun, Montreal, PQ Canada) married Pearl Mae Rampe (born June 4, 1919 in Southampton, New York USA). They had 3 children. David Gary (born October 11, 1942, died December 24, 1945), Terry Lee (born August 7, 1946), Meta (born July 5, 1951). She married Mark Sexton. Divorced him. Married Carl Gustafson (born January 9, 1946). Meta and Carls child is Jesse (born November 15, 1977).

2b.John Edward (born August 12, 1909) married Pearl Marion Harrison (born February 21, 1911 in Binbrook ON)They had 4 children. Edward John, Marion Lily Robert Earl and Wayne Russel. John Edward divorced and married Isabel Alice Dawson nee Willson (born September 19, 1917). They had a son named John(born April 11, 1957). Edward John married Ardene Louks August 15, 1954. Their son is Derwyn Edward(born June 5, 1955). Edward divorced and married Mary Norma Elaine Martin (born July 22, 1937) on November 3, 1961. They had three children. Dwayne John - married with children, Daryl Norman - married with children and Dana Elaine -not married. Marion Lily (born March 21, 1934) married Stanley Peter Andreychuk (born May 27, 1932) on September 26, 1952. They had Stanley Russel and Michele. Robert Earl (born June 6, 1937) married Roseanne Darcy Deignan (born September 12, 1939) on July 10, 1965. They had 3 children Kathryn Elizabeth - has children, Bobbi-Lynn - has children, and Robert Michael Sean - about to have their first. Wayne Russel(born September 9, 1940). No other information other than son Andrew.

hello i'm winston hunts great grand daughter

Fae: I was wondering if you have any info that I may be missing. I would like to fill in what my grandfather did not get. ie: do you have the your greatgrandfathers date of birth and do you know the date of their wedding. If you have any other info I could use I would like to know.

Just wondering if you saw the rest of the info on my family tree?

I would be very greatfull. Looking forward to hearing from you. Wendy

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