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Posted by katrina on 04 May , 2004 at 16:22:18:

In Reply to: Moses Frewin of Goring posted by Kathy Hamblin on 02 February , 2004 at 20:09:51:

: : I have amongst my own Frewin ancestors a recurrance of the surname and also middle name of Abery/Avery. This family appears to be a very close connection to the "Frewins." Do you know where Moses AVERY Frewin got his middle name from perhaps?

Hello Sheila,
It's a bit tangled in the notes, but I believe Moses Avery Frewin gets his middle name from his mother's maiden name - Sarah Avery (1716) married Robert Frewin. Sarah's parents appear to be William (1690) and Joan Avery. William's father appears to be William Avery and Hannah.
But the interesting twist is that another Avery family appears to also be in Goring at the same time: Geoffrey Jr. (1666) and his wife Ann are the oldest couple. Their son, Moses Avery (1696) is married to a Pirscilla. If I remember right, this Moses Avery was a mason and I did find a bit on his admon. after his death with his wife's name. I think he died about the time Moses Avery Frewin was born. I'll recheck my research on that one.
It appears Moses (1696) had a son, Moses Avery, who marries an Elizabeth Frewin. I don't know if she is a close relative to our Moses Avery Frewin, but it does look suspicious doesn't it?
The upshot of the whole thing is that there would be two Moses' running around Goring: Moses Avery and Moses Avery Frewin. They might be cousins through the Avery's and perhaps even closer cousins through the Frewin side.
It would be enlightening to find their mothers' and grandmothers' maiden names. That might open up a whole range of possibilities.
Robert was buried Feb 18 1780 (Oxford Fiche) at Goring and was listed as a "householder".
Sarah Avery was buried 4 Dec. 1793 at Goring "Sarah, widow, householder" .

Hope that helps some and hopefully we can put the pieces in order.

Best Wishes,


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